How To Create a Forum Website

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Did you know that creating an online forum is a great way to build community with others? A lot of people look to online forums to find like-minded people who have similar views and shared experiences.

Are you thinking about creating one?

We have four tips that will help guide you in the right direction.

1) You need to have some kind of web hosting before you begin or you can use free forum builders. The last thing you want is to share the space with someone else. You need to get a free domain and name. so you can connect with WordPress. Try to get the one that include the one-step installation for WordPress tool. There are a lot of domains to choose, but we suggest you go with BlueHost.

The reason Bluehost works is it is one of the top platforms online for web hosting. Plus, you have plans that start as little as $5 or less a month. Some of you might want to look through other alternatives to BlueHost before you decide.

2) The next step is to choose a theme for your domain and hosting. Some of you might think that a theme is not such a big deal, but you should still have one.

Choose a theme that sets you a part from the others, even if some of your content is similar. Your forum might be used to address similar issues as others, but you still need something that makes you different.

Go through the list and select. Click the install button, and then activate once you are finished.

3) You are going to need a plugin. Unfortunately, WordPress does not come with those things. That is why you need something of your own. Now, there are many options to pick from, but the most common is called bbpress.

It is free, and is updated regularly. You should not have any issues with it. Now, you do have other choices if bbpress is not the one for you. We only mention bbpress because that is the one most people use.

4) The final steps include setting up your forum pages. You can customize the privacy notifications to your preference.

You can also customize your forum to reject any users who might bring about any hateful or discriminatory rhetoric and comments.

You also have the choice to ban members who do not agree to your rules and guidelines(and you will get those people, believe us). The other final steps include publishing your forum(making it go live with one click). You also need to promote the forum. Your online forum is not going to last long without some kind of promotion. Use other social media platforms to promote what you have going on.

Good luck to all of you!

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