How to Deploy Zabbix Server on 000Webhost?

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To deploy Zabbix server on 000Webhost, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account on 000Webhost, if you don't already have one.
  2. Log in to your 000Webhost account and access the control panel or the file manager.
  3. Locate the "Upload Files" or "File Manager" options and click on them.
  4. Create a new directory/folder where you want to install Zabbix server. You can name it something like "zabbix".
  5. Download the latest stable version of Zabbix server from the official website (
  6. Extract the downloaded Zabbix file on your local computer.
  7. Open the extracted folder and locate the "zabbix" folder within it.
  8. Upload the entire contents of the "zabbix" folder to the directory/folder you created in step 4 using the file manager or FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  9. Wait for the file upload process to complete.
  10. Once the upload is finished, go back to the control panel or file manager and find the uploaded Zabbix files.
  11. Locate the "zabbix" folder within the uploaded files and open it.
  12. Find the "zabbix.conf.php.example" file and make a copy of it.
  13. Rename the copied file to "zabbix.conf.php".
  14. Open the "zabbix.conf.php" file in a text editor.
  15. Look for the database connection settings and update them with your own database details.
  16. Save the changes made to the "zabbix.conf.php" file and close it.
  17. Access your 000Webhost control panel and navigate to the section for managing databases (e.g., phpMyAdmin).
  18. Create a new database for Zabbix server if you don't have one already. Take note of the database name, username, and password.
  19. Import the Zabbix database schema into your newly created database. You can find the schema in the "create" folder within the uploaded Zabbix files.
  20. After importing the schema, grant appropriate privileges to the Zabbix database user.
  21. Return to the file manager or control panel, and find the "zabbix" directory on your 000Webhost account.
  22. Locate the "zabbix_server.conf" file within the "zabbix" folder and open it in a text editor.
  23. Adjust the server configuration settings in the file according to your requirements. Save the changes when done.
  24. Go to your 000Webhost control panel and find the section to manage cron jobs.
  25. Add a new cron job to run the Zabbix server periodically. Refer to the Zabbix server documentation for the necessary command and scheduling details.
  26. Save the cron job and ensure it is set to run at desired intervals.

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed Zabbix server on 000Webhost. You can now access the Zabbix server by visiting your domain or the specific directory where you installed it.

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What are Zabbix user groups and how can they be used on 000Webhost?

Zabbix user groups are used to organize users with similar access rights and permissions within the Zabbix monitoring system. It allows grouping of users based on various criteria such as roles, responsibilities, departments, or locations.

On 000Webhost, user groups can be used to control and manage access to different features and functionalities available within the Zabbix monitoring system. By creating user groups and assigning appropriate permissions, you can define the level of access each group has to various monitoring tasks.

To use user groups on 000Webhost with Zabbix, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Zabbix monitoring system on 000Webhost.
  2. Login with appropriate administrative credentials.
  3. Navigate to the "Administration" section.
  4. Under the "Users" tab, click on "User groups" to create a new user group.
  5. Click on the "Create user group" button.
  6. Provide a suitable name for the user group and specify any necessary details.
  7. Select the permissions and access rights you want to assign to this user group.
  8. Save the configuration.

Once the user group is created, you can assign individual users to it. These users will then inherit the permissions and access rights defined for the user group.

By properly utilizing user groups on 000Webhost's Zabbix, you can ensure that different users have appropriate levels of access and control over the monitoring system, improving security and efficient management.

How to integrate third-party applications with Zabbix server on 000Webhost?

To integrate third-party applications with Zabbix server on 000Webhost, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install and set up Zabbix server on 000Webhost if you haven't already done so. You can refer to the Zabbix documentation or seek help from 000Webhost support for guidance.
  2. Ensure that your Zabbix server is accessible from the internet by configuring the necessary firewall rules and network settings. You may need to check the 000Webhost documentation or consult their support team for assistance with this.
  3. Identify the third-party application you want to integrate with Zabbix server. Make sure that the application has the capability to send data or receive data through APIs or other methods supported by Zabbix.
  4. Configure Zabbix for the integration by following these steps: Log in to your Zabbix server web interface. Go to "Administration" > "Media types" and click on "Create media type". Fill in the required details such as name, type (e.g., script, webhook, email), and the script or webhook URL to be used for communication with the third-party application. Save the media type configuration.
  5. Create a new user in Zabbix for the third-party application integration: Go to "Administration" > "Users" and click on "Create user". Provide the necessary user details and assign the media type you created in the previous step to the user. Save the user configuration.
  6. Configure actions in Zabbix to trigger the integration with the third-party application when a specific event occurs: Go to "Configuration" > "Actions" and click on "Create action". Fill in the required details such as name and conditions for triggering the action. In the operations tab, add a new operation and select the user and media type you created in the previous steps. Save the action configuration.
  7. Test the integration by triggering events in Zabbix to see if the actions are being executed and data is being sent to or received from the third-party application. Monitor the logs and debug any issues that arise.

Note: Make sure to review the specific documentation or support resources for both Zabbix and the third-party application you want to integrate with for detailed instructions and possible limitations or requirements.

How to create and manage user accounts in Zabbix server on 000Webhost?

To create and manage user accounts in Zabbix server on 000Webhost, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your 000Webhost control panel.
  2. Locate the Zabbix application and click on it to access the Zabbix server interface.
  3. Once inside the Zabbix interface, click on the "Administration" tab in the top menu.
  4. In the Administration menu, click on "Users" to access the user management section.
  5. To create a new user account, click on the "Create user" button.
  6. Fill in the required information for the new user, such as username, password, alias, and authentication type.
  7. Specify the user group for the new user by selecting it from the "Groups" field. You can create user groups beforehand if necessary.
  8. Set any additional user settings as per your requirements.
  9. Once you have filled in all the necessary details, click on the "Add" button to create the user account.
  10. The newly created user will now be listed in the users' section, where you can manage their settings, permissions, and other attributes.

To manage existing user accounts in Zabbix server on 000Webhost:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 from above to access the user management section.
  2. In the user list, you will see all the existing user accounts.
  3. To modify a specific user's settings, click on the username in the list.
  4. In the user settings page, you can update the user's details, change their password, enable or disable the account, assign user groups, and manage permissions.
  5. Make the necessary changes and click on the "Update" button to save the modifications.

By following these steps, you can create and manage user accounts in Zabbix server on 000Webhost.

How to set up Zabbix proxy on 000Webhost?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up a Zabbix proxy on 000Webhost as they do not allow users to run custom processes or install software on their servers. 000Webhost is a free web hosting service that only supports web and database hosting.

If you want to set up a Zabbix proxy, you would need to use a different hosting provider or set up your own server environment where you have full control over the server and can install and configure the necessary software.

Here are the general steps to set up a Zabbix proxy on a server:

  1. Choose a server or hosting provider that allows you to install custom software and has sufficient resources for running Zabbix.
  2. Install a Linux distribution (such as Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian) on the server.
  3. Update the server and install the necessary dependencies, like Apache, PHP, and MySQL or MariaDB.
  4. Download and install the Zabbix server software.
  5. Configure the Zabbix server, including the database settings and other options as required.
  6. Configure the Zabbix proxy on the server, specifying the IP address or hostname of the Zabbix server it will be forwarding data to.
  7. Start the Zabbix proxy service.
  8. Configure the Zabbix server to communicate with the Zabbix proxy.
  9. Test the connection between the Zabbix server and proxy.
  10. Configure any additional settings or monitoring parameters as needed.

Please note that this is a general overview of the process, and there might be additional steps or configurations required depending on your specific setup and requirements. It is recommended to refer to the official Zabbix documentation for detailed instructions on setting up a Zabbix proxy.

What is Zabbix server and its purpose?

Zabbix server is an open-source monitoring solution that enables organizations to monitor the performance and availability of their IT infrastructure components, including networks, servers, applications, and services. It serves as the core component of the Zabbix monitoring software, responsible for collecting and processing data from monitored devices and triggering actions based on predefined conditions.

The purpose of Zabbix server is to provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities to help organizations ensure optimal performance, identify and troubleshoot issues, and proactively prevent potential problems. It supports various monitoring methods, including agent-based and agentless monitoring, and offers features such as data collection, data visualization, alerting and notifications, reporting, and flexible customization options.

Zabbix server allows users to monitor a wide range of metrics, including CPU usage, memory utilization, network traffic, disk space, application response times, and more. It provides real-time monitoring, historical data analysis, and trend prediction, helping organizations make informed decisions and maintain the stability and availability of their IT infrastructure.

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