New Theme: Twenty Twenty

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New Theme: Twenty Twenty

Meet Twenty Twenty, the model new WordPress default theme.

We’re happy to announce that Twenty Twenty — the brand new WordPress default theme designed by Anders Norén— is on the market to all websites.

Twenty Twenty was designed with the flexibleness of the brand new WordPress Editor at its core. If you wish to use it for a company or a enterprise, you may mix columns, teams, and media to create dynamic layouts that showcase your providers or merchandise. If you wish to use it for a standard weblog, the centered content material column and thought of typography makes it good for that as effectively.

It additionally has been designed and developed to take most benefit of the inventive freedom enabled by the block editor. Further care has been given to the Columns and Group blocks, which could be mixed into spectacular touchdown pages with intricate blocks layouts. Twenty Twenty contains full editor kinds for the block editor, so what you see within the editor will nearly precisely match the top outcome.

Study extra about WordPress’s newest default theme right here, or try the demo website!

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